Illuminative Forest of Storytelling Trees

Illuminative Forest of Storytelling Trees

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This multimedia exhibit, acts as an indoor sculpture garden, comprising of 17 interpretations of trees. It combines technology with the natural world, through photography, innovative printing processes, natural materials and found objects.


Through QR Code technology, each sculpture is linked to a unique two minute audio recording that features the individual tree's story or song, which is accessed by a viewer's smart device.


In our society, the conversation often revolves around our connectedness to one another, which can be helped or hindered by our use of technology and ever evolving social trends. The Illuminative Forest plays with and explores these connections through themes such as transformation, identity, freedom, resilience.


17 Trees
17 Stories


Cell Phone Friendly Forest
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Seventeen trees explore aspects

of the human experience

through the whimsical lens of 'storytelling trees.'


Humour Tree

Connections Tree 

Serendipity Tree

Engineering The Future Tree

Divine Touch Tree

Transformation Tree

Do You Live on My Block Tree

Freedom Tree

Identity Tree

Seasons of Canada Tree

Elder Tree

Uncommon Grace Tree

Canada Abides Tree

I Am A Maple Tree 

Happiness Tree

Reflections Tree

Resilience Tree 


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