"And just when I began to feel safe, IT happened again. But this time, it was shockingly different. It was pleasurable!" 

                                                                                                                                                                                   Transformation Tree 

© 2017 Illuminative Forest of Storytelling Trees 

Stories Within The Forest - 

The Illuminative Forest evolves into a unique theatrical experience created for an adult audience, with LIVE performances with  indigenous and non-indigenous artists coming together for a one night performance.


 CBC Radio - Canada

"Meet Happiness Tree and 16 other cool trees."


CBCNews "Talking trees tell of trials and triumphs in art exhibit" 


The Waterloo Record 

"Illuminative Forest covers a wide gamut" 


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GRAND Magazine

"Seeing the forest and the trees"       


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Exhibit opening with speakers: Ron James,

William Lishman, Deb Cripps, Carl Hiebert 

CBC Radio - Talking Trees in the Illuminative Forest Art Exhibit
CBC Canada News - Talking trees tell of trials and triumphs in art exhibit
Waterloo Region Record Newspaper shares the Illuminative Forest
GRAND Magazine with Bardish Chagger and Illuminative Forest of Storytelling Trees
Waterloo Chronicle Newspaper share the Illuminative Forest
The Illuminative Forest gets tweeted. Thanks Bardish Chagger