"The Illuminative Forest is artistic genius, to which all Canadians should be exposed. Carl Hiebert and Deb Cripps assist, and succeed, in making us think, feel, and see life in incredible fashion."  

   - Neil Aitchison, Radio Personality

"The Illuminative Forest is a fundamental expression of the human spirit. Art in its purest form."

   - Ron James, Television Star & Comedian

"Deb Cripps and Carl Hiebert spent a year and a half creating the Illuminative Forest of Storytelling Trees. It is an exhibition that features 17 tree sculptures that integrate art, music, storytelling and technology. And each tree has a story tell."

    - Carmen Ponciano, CBC News

"In the Illuminative Forest of Storytelling Trees, artists Deb Cripps and Carl Hiebert have created an experience that is quite unique and literally speaks to you in a poignant and lovely way. It is well worth a walk in their woods. You will be illuminated!"

    - William Lishman M.S.M., L.L.D. (Hon) Artist, Inventor, Explorer 


"The Illuminative Forest is an unique exhibition to celebrate our sesquicentennial. There is such power in storytelling, and the Sentient Collective created an exhibition that gets to the heart of Canada. We were pleased to be the first museum to showcase this compelling exhibition”

       – David Marskell, CEO, THEMUSEUM

"The Illuminative Forest is a striking visual display that takes an object so common as a tree and uses it as a way to build community and foster belonging. You are compelled to hear and feel the tree’s story, then share one of your own. What a thought-provoking and dialogue-stimulating work of art."

     - Mike  Farwell, Mike Farwell Show ~ 570 News

"The Illuminative Forest needs to be part of Canada's 150th and tour Canada."

   - The Honourable Bardish Chagger

"As an art exhibit tied to Canada's 150th birthday that stresses community and outreach, it's undeniably compelling."  

    - Joel Rubinoff, The Record 

"This multi-disciplinary art project uses tree concepts to explore belonging, community ties and other big questions about modern life." 

    - Barbara Aggerholm, GRAND MAGAZINE 

"It is stunning. It's visually unique and quite remarkable with so many stories. This Forest shows us all how we are connected, no matter what our differences. I love it!"  

   - Berry Vrbanovic, Mayor of Kitchener


"The City of Cambridge had the great privilege of hosting the Illuminative Forest of Storytelling Trees. It transformed the Atrium into a forest for the senses, mixing sculpture, music and technology. What a truly unique and amazing project! I urge anyone who has the opportunity to see it, to take the time to wander through this engaging forest."  

   - Doug Craig, Mayor of Cambridge